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We are the home of great music, from the 50's to today, tracks that you may not have heard before but will want to hear again - new releases, classics and airplay-worthy album tracks. Now on Twitter - @mikeliveradio.

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MikeLive! Uses ShoutCAST streaming (MP3)

You can use the embedded Flash player, Winamp, Windows Media or Quicktime players to receive our signal.

It is possible, if you have broadband and wi-fi, to buy an internet radio to enable you to listen to internet radio stations without running a PC. See www.Reciva.com for details.

The main page for MikeLive! is at www.mikelive.co.uk. Normally the station will start playing automatically when you visit the site - you have to do nothing further!

MikeLive! now streams on the internet at 96kb/s stereo.

Depending on your browser and security settings, you may receive an ActiveX or Windows security warning message in place of the on page (known as embedded) embedded Flash player, you will need to accept this message in order for the embedded player to run. You will normally only have to do this once from your PC, on subsequent visits it will not be necessary.

If you cannot get the embedded player in the MikeLive! page to work, then click on the icons below it to open on the media player or mobile device of your choice. Alternatively you can click on one of the links below.

Winamp: http://viadj.viastreaming.net/tunein.php/mikeliveradio/playlist.pls

Windows Media Player: http://viadj.viastreaming.net/tunein.php/mikeliveradio/playlist.asx

Real Player: http://viadj.viastreaming.net/tunein.php/mikeliveradio/playlist.ram

QuickTime: http://viadj.viastreaming.net/tunein.php/mikeliveradio/playlist.qtl

Web Proxy: http://viadj.viastreaming.net/proxy.php?stream=mikeliveradio

Attention AUDIOREALM listeners - the station is not listed on the Audiorealm website 24/7, best to bookmark the main station page in order to be able to return at any time.

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Satellite help

MikeLive! internet radio can be heard on satellite on a part-time basis.

Times (GMT/UK local): Mon-Sun, 00:00-01:00 GMT, 06:00-07:00 GMT, 12:00-13:00 GMT, 18:00-19:00 GMT. Times (CET): Mon-Sun, 01:00-02:00 GMT, 07:00-08:00 GMT, 13:00-14:00 CET, 19:00-20:00 CET

Reception equipment required: To receive this signal, a satellite receive antenna (a "dish"), and digital satellite receiver, would be required. There is no encryption so no special type of satellite decoder, or viewing card, is needed.

The MikeLive! satellite service is carried part-time by Radio Eden, who also transmit programmes for other radio stations. Only certain programmes on Radio Eden, scheduled for the above times, are MikeLive! programmes. For more details about other programmes in the Radio Eden satellite schedule, check radioeden.com.

Satellite parameters and coverage maps are shown above and below. Remember, to listen anytime, MikeLive! is still only available 24/7 via the internet at www.mikelive.co.uk.

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About and Thanks.
From the heart of the English countryside...

From the heart of the English countryside, there comes a new radio station, transmitting rock, pop, indie, oldies, unsigned acts, talk and much more, worldwide over the internet, 24 hr a day.

MikeLive! is an experiment in radio! Many internet radio stations are wall-to-wall music picked randomly by computers and played off anonymous servers. MikeLive! is different, MikeLive! is commercial-free, but all programmes are DJ-led. All music played is hand-picked and you'll never know what's playing next!

In order to broadcast 24/7, without resorting to those servers playing back to back music, we do repeat shows that have been previously been aired live, or recorded as live. Specifically the music policy is to play a diverse range of music, and from the mainstream to play less well-known tracks from well-known artists, as well as new music and unsigned artists.

The station is licensed with music licensing authorities MCPS/PRS and PPL in the UK.

MikeLive! launched on 1st June 2007. Since the station launched we've received many emails - thanks! MikeLive! presenters include or have included Dave Wilcox, Mike Pratt and Steve Pratt, DJ Mantra and we hope to add others soon.

MikeLive! uses ShoutCAST streaming (MP3). For more information about this, including help with listening, check out the help page.

You can listen to the station at www.mikelive.co.uk or www.prattfamily.demon.co.uk/mikelive , MikeLive! is also listed on a number of radio station listing sites. Don't forget to save the address in your favourites before you leave.

MikeLive! internet radio can be heard on satellite on a part-time basis, starting 7th December 2008. For more details see the Help! page for satellite.

We would like to thank the providers and suppliers that make this station possible, as shown on the different logos on this page.

Terms and conditions ("the small print") are listed below.

We hope you enjoy listening to MikeLive!

Terms and Conditions

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